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WM Doll

Value PACK - 164cm D CUP

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This is a unique opportunity to grab the best deals in stock in Australia. We are selling from the well known doll manufacturer WM Doll a 164cm D Cup including 2 x heads plus lots of accessories and clothes.

This Doll is in new condition, in original packaging, and has not seen the light of day. Factory photos of the Doll were taken just prior to shipment and are supplied in this listing

This Doll is currently in Perth, Western Australia - PICK UP AVAILABLE!

FREE Shipping is available to anywhere throughout Australia - NO OVERSEAS SHIPPING FOR THIS DOLL!

Please note with this Doll there are no options available, as this Doll has already been manufactured and needs to be sold as is. Please submit any questions using our Online Contact Form prior to committing to this purchase.


We have put together this insane package that won't last very long.

Body Measurements:

  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Upper Bust: 80cm
  • Under Bust: 62cm
  • Waist: 58cm
  • Hips: 86cm
  • Feet: 21cm
  • Vagina Depth: 17cm 
  • Anal Depth: 17cm
  • Oral Depth: 13cm
  • Material TPE

Body Custom Specifications:

  • Skin Tone: Light Tan (Medium)
  • 1st Head: WM #182
  • 2nd Head: WM #74
  • 1st Pair of Eyes: #3 Light Brown
  • 2snd Pair of Eyes: #4 Large Brown
  • Fingernails: Red
  • Toenails: Black
  • NEW Skeleton: Shrug Shoulders + 2 hinges on keens & elbows
  • Breast Type: Hollow
  • Nipple Size: 5cm
  • Areola: Dark Brown
  • Labia: Dark Brown
  • Mouth Type: Enhanced Mouth & Uvula (on both heads)
  • Vagina Type: Insert / Removable
  • Lubricant FREE: New WM Feature (can be used up to 50 times)
  • Pubic Hair: Light
  • Feet Type: Standing   

Extras & Accessories:

  • 1 x Hanging Hook
  • 2 x Extra Snap Connectors (Head)
  • 3 x Extra Wigs (Blonde, Black, Brown/Auburn)
  • Accessories & Cleaning Kit: Blanket, Heating Rod, Douche Cleaner, Comb, Gloves

Clothes & Jewellers: 

  • 1 x Red Dress
  • 1 x Pink Lingerie Set
  • 2 x Black Lingerie Set
  • 3 x Orange Lingerie Set
  • 1 x Red Skirt
  • 1 x Fishnet Stockings
  • 1 x Red G-String
  • 3 X Pair of High Heels
  • 1 x Necklace
  • 2 x Ear Rings
  • 2 x Bracelets