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QiTa Doll

Song - 175cm MALE

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QiTa Doll unique feature that sets itself apart from the rest is the 3D Body Scanning of Real Men. Another unique feature that QiTa Doll has is to get the most realistic and real to life body they are actually 3D scanned. This ensures the curves and shapes are true to the real thing.

Like our female dolls, our male dolls are also customisable. Create your perfect man. Custom features include - Skin, Eyes, Hair, Standing or Regular feet. The penis is detachable for easy cleaning. The QiTa Doll 175cm male doll is a perfect companion to satisfy both men and women.

  • Weight: 54kg 
  • Bust/Pecs: 86cm 
  • Shoulder width: 44cm
  • Waist: 71cm
  • Hip: 89cm 
  • Arm Length: 50cm
  • Foot Length: 22cm
  • Penis Length: 15cm
  • Anal Depth: 10cm

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