Ines - JND Sex Doll 158cm


Ines - JND 158cm

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Shenzhen Jellydoll has focused on the sex doll business for many years and offer the best value for money in the marketplace.

Jellydoll plans to design more models in the near future and the company has a research team in the USA and currently working on the development of robotic models. All Jellydoll models are made with TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer).

  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 29.5kg
  • Bust: 73cm
  • Waist: 51cm
  • Hips: 81cm
  • Feet: 21.5cm
  • Availability: Oral, Vagina and Anal. 
  • Hole depth: Vagina:17cm , Anus:15cm and Oral:13cm