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Sex dolls are a significant investment. At the moment, it is not possible to experience a Sex Doll or even feel and touch it as they have to be ordered from overseas. This can be a big risk, especially for people who are new to Sex Dolls.

Sex Dolls have been around for a long time. However, most people think of an inflatable blow up doll which doesn’t sound particularly appealing! 

However, Sex Dolls have come a long way! They are made from either Silicone or TPE and are incredibly lifelike! TPE that is used to make Sex Dolls has an incredible human-like skin feel. A lot of people that have hired one of our Sex Dolls or that own or have been intimate with a Sex Doll say that that being intimate with a Sex Doll feels like a lot like being with a human-which is why they are gaining so much popularity. 

People purchase or want to hire a Sex Doll for a variety of different reasons, examples include: 

  • Seeking company and companionship
  • Some people are sexually adventurous and just like the idea of being with a doll 
  • Curiosity about their sexuality and want to experiment with different genders
  • Couples may be interested in the idea of introducing a third party in to the relationship but do not want the insecurities and complications of the human emotions that are involved in doing so
  • Difference in sex drives between a couple
  • Some people use Sex Dolls to increase confidence in the bedroom 
  • People don’t want to the commitment/responsibility of owning a Sex Doll
  • Some are wanting to purchase a doll but are not sure of the brand, type or body shape they want to purchase and wish to explore a range 
  • Some people are just looking for a variety!
  • And finally for some, it might just be on their sexual Bucket List!

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