About Us

Cassius Sex Dolls was born in 2017 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our shopping facility is born to satisfy many customers now preferring to shop online for the added convenience and privacy of shopping from their own home.

Since 2017 the business is aiming to grow considerably in the number of new visitors from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada & Europe. We are always aiming to provide the best price, quality and customer service. 

Our customer-focused vision is approachable, friendly and open-minded. We strive for the best customer experience for our doll lovers!

Our services include:

✔ Free worldwide shipping 

✔ 24/7 customer support

✔ Fully customisation of our dolls

✔ Discreet payment + Packaging Protection of privacy

✔ Price transparency

✔ No hidden fees or charges for Tax and Customs

✔ Price match services available

✔ Secure and multiple payment methods including all major Cryptocurrencies

✔ Finance Options Coming Soon! 

    On our very friendly and easy to navigate website you will find a full selection of premium quality sex dolls at the lowest prices. All our Sex Dolls are carefully crafted by professional workshops and fully featured.