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About Us

Who Are We?

CassiusSexDolls.com is a fast-rising e-commerce sex doll store owned and operated by a fantastic team. We are an outstanding provider and retailer of authentic and premium luxury sexy real dolls. 

Without any doubt, there is a whole spectrum of people who use sex dolls, and these people need access to a reliable sex doll store to meet their demands. It is best on this understanding that Cassius Sex Dolls was created. We have realised that certain people just want sexual satisfaction without stress or having to face rejection from another person.

This set of people, ranging from young to old, single, dating to married, and even physically challenged, can find comfort and a companion in sex dolls. With sex dolls, you can add another dimension to their love-life without additional emotional baggage. For this set of people and many others, we want them to be able to purchase the best sell dolls for their maximum satisfaction. Cassius Sex Dolls is the shopping facility to satisfy customers who prefer to buy online for convenience and privacy.

We are committed to providing the everyday person with the ability to fulfill his/her sexual desires without boundaries or restrictions. All our lifelike male and female dolls are made from real TPE and Silicone to give you the experience better than the real deal.

Our mission 

is to provide high-quality service of sex doll in a market full of low quality and fake dolls. Our team has searched for the best dolls manufactured, which include WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll, JellyDoll, Irontech, 6YE Premium and Amor Doll, AS Doll, HR Doll, SINO Doll, Qita Doll, and the ultra-realistic Sex Doll Gynoid Tech. We ensure we always deliver nothing but the best products to you.

In providing our products and services, we uphold certain principles, which include:

  • We will always prioritize your satisfaction over profit-making.
  • We will only sell high-quality certified products.
  • We will handle all our customers with honesty and respect.
  • We will ensure excellent customer service and inclusive space for everyone.

Who Are the People Behind CassiusSexDolls?

Cassius Sex Dolls is a fully owned and operated business from Melbourne, Australia, since 2017. We are real people passionate about helping you find good companionship in a sex doll. Whenever you reach out to us for any inquiry, we will personally respond to you.

Why Us?

At Cassius Sex Dolls, we provide the best experience possible for our customers, from catalog searching to the doll’s arrival at the doorstep. We cover the shipping and taxes, so there are no hidden costs. Our high-quality dolls are the best out there, no fakes or cheaply made dolls come from our manufactures.

In case you are wondering why us among the competition, think carefully about points below:

  • High-Quality Dolls

At Cassius Sex Dolls, you can choose from thousands of high-quality doll models that are carefully made with premium-grade silicone or TPE. All our dolls also come with dozens of customisation options to make each doll unique to you. From hair to labia color - you can come up with a variation that satisfies your wildest fantasies and desires. All our dolls come in different design choices that include blondes, brunettes, bubble butt, blue eyes, blowjob lips, redheads, pornstars, and a lot more. You can customise the perfect dolly diva at CassiusSexDolls that you always fantasized about but couldn’t get your hands on.

  • A Vast Collection of Dolls

We’re adding new brands and new dolls every week. Our Love Doll Collection is Huge, and categories include:

  • Age: Petite, perky young adult to mature, experienced MILF.
  • Gender: Female, Male, and Shemale (You can add an optional penis for our female dolls and turn into a tranny/shemale.)
  • Look: European, Asian, Black, Latina Sex Dolls, Japanese Love Dolls, Anime Sex Dolls, MILF, BBW, and more.
  • Sizes: Skinny, Chubby/BBW, Hourglass Figure, Tight Body, Muscular, Athletic and Curvy
  • Quality Control & Certifications

    We have an inspection agency that goes to the factory and PERSONALLY INSPECTS YOUR SEX DOLL before it leaves the warehouse. We can even send a personalized inspection report to you, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth before your new girl is on her way to you. All our sex dolls are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The materials used in all sex dolls are premium medical-grade, phthalate-free, and extremely safe for regular use. We put a lot of effort into the research and design of the dolls. We do this to ensure that what gets delivered to your door is a real, dreamy beauty perfect for many sexual adventures. All dolls are made from real-life human molds and are 3D sculpted. This gives them a hyper-realistic look, feel, and incredibly sexy overall.

    Cassius Sex Dolls carefully vets and selects our manufacturers and brands and only allows brands with a spotless track record of high quality, customer satisfaction, and manufacturing practices to partner with us.

    • Free Discreet Shipping Worldwide

      We also offer GST/VAT and customs clearance services. We handle your privacy with utmost seriousness and in very high regard. We do not run social media ads, or promotions as sites like Facebook and Twitter are notorious for privacy violations. All our dolls arrive in an unmarked, plain brown box with no identifiable information or indications regarding the contents of the package. We also work with you to arrange in-store pickup with our shipping partners - FedEx, TNT, DHL, and UPS.

      Our reasons include:

      • 24/7 customer support
      • Full customisation of our dolls options
      • Price transparency
      • No hidden fees or charges for Tax and Customs
      • Price match services available
      • Secure and multiple payment methods including PayPal, Credit / Debit Cards, Bank Payment, Cryptocurrencies
      • Payment Plans offered by PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Partial.ly
      • Finance Options (BUY Now, PAY Later) Coming Soon!

      What are the Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll from Cassius Sex Dolls? 

      While sex dolls were considered taboo a few years ago, they have gained much popularity recently. They are being talked about openly and used much more than before. Sex dolls come in different sizes and shapes. There are various body parts. For instance, there are lifelike dolls, dolls with only the head, or the genitals. The manufacturers are continually trying to make the experience of using a sex doll better and more pleasurable. They have been using better materials and technology to make the dolls more realistic and lifelike.

      Sex dolls can be a perfect sex partner - beautiful, hot, wild, and submissive. These realistic dolls are always ready to have sex with you and never have “headaches”. There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of sex dolls, making more people choose them over fellow humans.

      Some of the reasons include:

      • Protection from STDs
      • Little or no maintenance requirement
      • No unnecessary pressure for your attention all the time
      • No emotional attachment, infidelity or heartbreak
      • You get all their attention

          To summarise the above, with realistic sex dolls, you don’t need to make efforts to get laid anymore. They provide sexual aid without any drama, without any sexually transmitted diseases, and without any additional costs. They make for perfect partners, and they are gorgeous. Also, you don’t need to give them any attention. Sex dolls don’t interfere with your life choices. Neither do they ask for your phone’s password, so you have all your privacy. Moreover, they always want to satisfy you, and you can have them whenever you want. They don’t complain or whine when you choose to play video games over talking to them.

          Guess what? Sex dolls are much more flexible than real women, so you can try different positions and literally perform sexual stunts.

          So what are you waiting for? Check out our store for the sex doll perfect for you. We will always provide our clients with quality, excellent customer service, and the ability to fill their needs and desires.

          Want to know more about our premium sex dolls? Please contact us today!