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Looking for the right doll to create your sexual fantasy? Go for SINO Doll.

SINO Doll belongs to the brand called Guangdong Sino Environment Technology. With more than nine (9) years of experience in the Silicone Sex Doll sector, they are committed to manufacturing and developing AI smart love dolls, intelligent realistic sex dolls, silicone medical products and silicone simulation toys.

The company is known to use the highest quality material on the market (Platinum Silicone) through advanced and unique production technology to produce high-simulation dolls and sex toys. This makes the surface of the models to be smooth, delicate, elastic and soft. The dolls have a particular kind of softness that is the closest to human skin feeling and visual experience. 

People love SINO Doll collections because they are seriously a piece of art and do set themselves apart from many other brands. The dolls were created to express beauty and dreams. The company’s extensive experience and outstanding performance are what make them really stand out in the market space.

SINO Doll is the first on the silicone sex doll market to offer options such as Bikini Tan line and the likes. Other great options include Tattoos, Mechanical Eyes, Lip Colour, Hymen, Ultra soft Vagina, Soft Inner Thighs, Implant Hair / Eyebrows, Heating, Standing Feet (no bolts), Soft Buttocks and Sound System. What this means is that you can truly live your sexual fantasy with the kind of doll you want.

With their well-known BBW sex doll S22 Mo, S30 LinYin, S32 Linyu, S33 Linyanyan, S35 Linchacha, and a series of other dolls, SINO Doll has developed from an obscure brand to a well-recognised brand across the world.

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