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SE DOLL was established in 2016. This company offers competitive prices and becoming a prominent brand in the sex doll space. They guarantee customers will gain great experiences from their products whilst continue to develop and manufacture innovative features and technologies.

Their primary goal is to be one of the world's most innovative, best performing and trusted sex doll companies in the world offering unique dolls in all shapes and sizes.

They have an excellent team of sculptors, engineers and makeup artists. Their team is dedicated to continual refinements to each production to reach the peak in every high detail. They spare no expense and are dedicated to investing heavily in research and development including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeletons.

Their core competency is the ability to offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices with excellent performance and quality. The improvement of dolls appearance approaching perfection is the ultimate goal. They believe the sex doll market will be a multibillion-dollar industry and they intend to be a big part of this market share including the enhancements to developing sex robots

There are 5 departments in their factory - the design unit, the moulding workshop, production workshop, make-up workshop, and quality department.

  • The building of each SE DOLL starts from the initial modelling of the master mould.
  • Each of the master mould requires a sculpture team months to develop.
  • Each of the dolls that cast from the mould required more than 80 up steps to turn from roughcast into the final product.

At each stage, the craftsmen will add additional details to the dolls. Their team of craftsmen have to complete each of delicate steps manually, which cannot be replaced by a mechanical process step by step. Since each of the dolls is built uniquely according to every customer's request, some of the more complex doll may take longer to be completed.