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GYNOID TECH Synthetics Humanoid is a manufacturer of Premium Silicone Sex Dolls. They are a company that focuses upon the research and development of super-realistic humanlike and artificial intelligent companions.

They use a combination of both digital and by-hand body sculpting and integration of both creates their Real Doll product range. They combine 3D digital modeling with the traditional art of sculpting.

They use food-grade platinum silicone and specially engineered alloy, plastic and some latest models full metal bones. Keeping the ergonomic and realistic features in mind GYNOID TECH have created their products in order to achieve full join ranges comparable to a real human skeleton. All dolls have full articulation on the hands and finger bones.

Other ultra-realistic techniques have been used to make features of the skin flawless real looking at the silicone smoothness adds to the effect. There are blue veins painted, with moles and freckles adding to the life experience of owning a GYNOID TECH doll.

ABS finger joints used in the tech arms on Amy, Callies, Yui, Misato, Ji Xaing. Model 10 & 11 comes with fingers & toes articulated joints.

Metal finger joints used in the tech arms on Model 9 - Elina & JingJing

All GYNOID TECH collections are modular dolls regarding the head and the arms, which can be removed in most models. Legs are one only block instead. All dolls are shipped in a double-reinforced cardboard box.

You will not find a more realistic silicone doll on the market than GYNOID TECH