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MeiReNiu Intelligent Technology is a company that specialising in the production of high-end Silicone Sex Dolls. Their main brand is FUTURE GIRL, which is the brainchild of their subsidiary company.

FUTURE GIRL is a high-tech enterprise that is dedicated to the development and production of ultra-simulated solid silicone dolls. FUTURE GIRL is focused on embarking on research and development of adult dolls with hyper realistic skin texture, which are subsequently fitted with the top end materials.

Their research and development team is made up of a combination of seasoned human sculpture artists, photographers, model make-up artists as well as 3D digital modelling experts who work continuously to churn out and improve on high quality range of silicone sex dolls. All their team is recruited from more than 10 years of production experience in the silicone material and industry.

In addition to this, their set of top mould engineers, chosen from the best in the industry are constantly working round the clock to guarantee that products are safe and secure, ensuring that customers are provided with products that offer the safest in the industry. They pride themselves their materials will offer a better experience than other players on the market, while also making sure that products offer near-live experiences to teeming customers.

All their products are manufactured with non-toxic platinum silicone, and they come with bone structures that are produced from stainless steel and alloy materials. This enables the silicone dolls to be flexible at the joints (yoga skeleton | super flexible), shoulders, fingers and the chest cavity areas, offering human-like textures like no others.

Furthermore, the range of FUTURE GIRL products offer increased responsiveness such as rotating eyeballs, hair transplant and pubic areas. Best of all FUTURE GIRL sex dolls are ready in a relatively shorter time; therefore they are able to produce faster than other competing brands in the market of silicone sex dolls!

We are the only vendor in Australia selling FUTURE GIRL. Look no further; these dolls are the most affordable Silicone Dolls on the market without compromising quality and breaking the bank!