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WM Doll

Intelligent Sex Doll Cleaning Machine

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The WM Doll Intelligent Sex Doll Cleaning Machine is a brand new technology incorporating many sex doll cleaning techniques into one machine.

The machine has many different settings for different cleaning solutions, including:

  • Water washing
  • Drying
  • UV light disinfection
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Ultrasonic vibration

These modes can be used individually or in combination for the easiest sex doll orifice clean ever.

A Variety of Cleaning Options

Different cleaning options make sure your sex doll is sanitized and ready for next time. Water washing gets rid of build-up, and a thorough drying option prevents moisture retention, leaving no potential fungus or mould behind. Using ultrasonic cleaning and ultrasonic vibration, removes any remaining debris, with the powerful UV light disinfection eliminating bacteria and that could potentially affect your session and health.

Convenient Customizable Options

Each setting is available for use by itself or as part of a combination. You can effortlessly clean your orifices with the easy to understand settings. The settings are easy to understand, ensuring ease of use.

Automatic Process

The system enables you to cleans your dolls, even if you’re in a hurry. All you have to do, is select automatic mode, which cleans your doll in under an hour, giving your sex doll/s a thorough disinfecting, drying and cleaning. Or, if you would rather customize the cleaning to your needs, you can enable semiautomatic mode.

Secure Design

The cleaning jet securely inserts into the doll’s vagina and seals the orifice, assisting with leakage prevention, as well as, ensuring a thorough clean. An oil-resistant surface can handle a variety of lubricants, and you can apply lubricant directly to the surface.

Two universal water connectors enable attachment to suitable hoses for water supply and removal.

With a range of options, the WM Doll intelligent sex doll delivers a high-quality cleanse to meet your cleaning requirements.

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