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YL Dolls Introduction

YL Dolls Introduction

Introducing YL Doll Workshop

If you are searching for top doll makers in the sex dolls industry, YL Doll Workshop is an outstanding sex doll manufacturer. As a brand that is highly selective about the dolls we sell, we ensure we work with reliable brands. Every sex doll manufacturer that we work with is absolutely highly rated. We have been building great business relationships with top brands, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best dolls in the industry.

In this article, we introduce a key partner who makes quality products that we are proud of. We are introducing YL Doll to show why they are so highly regarded in this industry.

Discover YL Doll Workshop?

Also known as Your Doll, YL Doll is located in China. Having been in business since 2013, they specialize in TPE dolls with stainless steel skeletons. Aside from supplying remarkable sex dolls, the company has diversified as they now create mannequins, dolls for film sets, companionship dolls, and dolls for decorative purposes.

Over the years, YL Doll has been consistent to ensuring the premium quality of their products. Their dolls are made with the finest materials in line with industry safety standards. The dolls supplied to us are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods and body-safe materials.

Their products: YL Dolls

YL Doll Workshop creates various dolls. They have over 100 dolls in their collection. While every doll in their catalogue is unique, certain features make them easily recognisable as an YL Doll.

One of such features is that YL dolls are often based on Caucasian women. Also, they are mostly quite curvy. If you prefer to have a broad-chested doll, you should go for the dolls from this collection. YL Doll makers create full-sized dolls alongside torsos and other accessories. Their dolls can be customized to create the kind of look you want.

Recommendation: Check out Angelina

Although there are several YL Dolls in our sex doll collection, we would like to introduce you to a doll that you should check out. This doll is absolutely fantastic and super sexy. She is referred to as Angelina.

Angelina is a great sex doll with nice D Cup tits and sexy brown nipples. She has been observed to a customer’s favorite. Why? This is mainly because she is a perfect illustration of the kind of craftsmanship and artistry that really goes into dolls like these.

Explore more YL Dolls

On our website, you can easily select dolls according to the manufacturer. If you are looking for a fabulous, curvy doll, click on the link to check out dolls by YL. You will definitely find something you like. Check out our store today and get a fantastic YL Doll for yourself.

Don’t miss out

We will continue to feature a number of doll makers that work with CassiusSexDolls. We plan to also show off a few of our own exclusive models. The goal is to help you learn about each of these dolls so that you can decide which is best for you when you want to purchase a sex doll.

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