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WM Doll New Anti-Fake System

WM Doll New Anti-Fake System

WM Doll has launched Anti-Fake System

From now, every customer who buys a WM Doll gets an individual unique code that verifies the authenticity of the doll.

WM Doll Anti-Fake System | Sex Dolls Australia

After receiving a real doll, go to the WM Doll Anti Fake System page and enter the code that was sent to you along with the doll. Please note that you can only enter the code once. If the same number were entered twice, the website will notify you that it has already been entered.

Report any non-authentic WM Sex Doll here

Report Any Fake WM Doll Produsts | WM Doll Official

We are an authorised dealer of WM Doll and we believe that this will help in the fight against counterfeit sex dolls sellers. If you have any questions about this new system, please feel free to contact us

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