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WM Doll Breast Options

WM Doll Breast Options

Sex Doll Breast Options – Gel, Hollow, or Standard?

Choosing the ideal sex doll to buy can be challenging and stressful. Cassius Sex Dolls offers over 200 dolls for you to choose the kind of doll you want. Once you find the right doll for you, you can opt for different customisation and upgrade options.  This article is designed to help you make an informed decision regarding the type of breasts you want for your sex doll. 

There are 3 options open to you for sex doll breast type: 

  • Gel breasts
  • Hollow breasts
  • Standard breasts

Each of these breast types is described below alongside their advantages and disadvantages.

Gel Breasts

Regarding getting the most realistic sex doll breasts, Gel breasts are the best option.  They are much softer compared to the standard breast option. Also, they are more firm and perky than the hollow breast option.  The gel is basically the perfect middle ground. It closely imitates the feel and movement of a real breast.  The gel is primarily made to behave and feel like human fat, making it so realistic. If you want the most lifelike sex doll breasts possible, Gel breasts are worthwhile upgrades.


  • soft yet firm and perky breasts
  • Most realistic breast option


  • Most expensive breast option

Hollow Breasts

If you prefer a pair of light, bouncy breasts that are super soft, this is the right breast option for you. Just as the name suggests, hollow breasts are hollow.  Rather than being solid TPE or filled with gel, they are filled with air. This feature makes them extraordinarily jiggly and squishy.  You will be able to hold these breasts or watch them bounce relentlessly. Although this is a small additional cost to upgrade from the standard breasts, you will likely find this added cost to be entirely worth it.


  • Very soft and squishy
  • Very bouncy


  • Extra cost to upgrade from the standard option
  • Not as perky as other options

Standard Breasts

Standard breasts are solid TPE or Silicone based on any material your doll is made of.  These breasts are firm and perky yet still have a decent softness and bounce peculiar to high-quality TPE and silicone.  You should go for this option if you are not too picky about breast feel and want to save on upgrading them.  The standard breast option is realistic enough without the need for an upgrade for most buyers.


  • No additional upgrade cost
  • Perky & firm


  • Not as soft or bouncy as other breast options

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