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The Discussion of Sex Dolls in the Media

The Discussion of Sex Dolls in the Media

The social impact the media can have on any range of issues can create massive effects on how each topic is perceived in the general public.

The way the media operates is they tend to discuss trending topics in a bid to provide an unbiased opinion. Although it can often change the opinion of an individual, generally media coverage of a given trend will help to shape a person’s view. When it comes to sex dolls, the recent boom in sales has caused the media to create more content around sex dolls and the industry as a whole.

The shift in sex dolls

As the change in sex dolls have created a more lifelike appearance, it has become more interesting to see the discussion grow. The enhancements in the technology of the sex dolls (as opposed to the traditional blow-up doll) has sparked more debate.

These dolls are now available to look like a real adult doll, which has, of course, increased the sales around the dolls themselves. So, with better looking, more realistic dolls, the sales have increased and therefore changed the conversation around these lifelike dolls.

As we conclude 2019, we have found a more accepting approach to the sex doll as people form an open-mind towards the industry. So, let’s have a look at the recent media outlet articles on the adult sex doll to show you how the media are portraying our doll counterpart.

News articles discussing sex dolls in 2019

There is no secret that sex dolls and sex robots are changing the way we interact and have sex. However, this doesn’t always mean for the wrong reasons. As seen in the movie Lars and the Real Girl, the main character gains the confidence he needs to be himself after spending time with a sex doll as his 'girlfriend'.

The media portray the subject as they wish to get the reaction they are looking for, like:
  • Dateline in the US who posted an article 'sex robots are here, but laws are not keeping up with them' - the piece discusses the concerns around the censorship and monitoring of sexbots, and it isn't a biased article but rather an educational piece
  • The ABC’s piece 'Sex, love and robots' is a video episode and part of their podcast, which talks about artificial intelligence (AI) from expert opinions
  • An article in the UK newspaper “The Mirror” was another unbiased article educating people around sex dolls and the addition of male dolls to the line up of production
  • The Sun online in the UK ‘ Sex robots could suddenly malfunction and attack their randy masters, expert warns’ also doesn’t provide a highly negative connotation on the sex doll topic. Although the title might suggest otherwise, it isn’t as negative as past media attention
  • In Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald has produced content around sex dolls. Some of them around the advancements to sex robots, which raised questions, however, produced balance around the topic

Overall, 2019 was a positive year when it came to education and discussion around sex dolls. Above is only a sample size of articles around the topic, but it is a step in the right direction.

From documentaries being created to articles in the media, it is a topic that is slowly becoming less judged and more educated.

How sex dolls were perceived

The shift on how sex dolls are discussed in the media has taken a shift for the better. In the last ten years, we have come a long way in how the media talks about sex dolls and how we now talk about them.

The media would once describe these dolls as creepy, without any context around why, as no real education in how they are used was conveyed as well as what they can provide a user. No positive connotations were put around the sex dolls.

As we dive deeper into these dolls and what they can do, the negative comments have begun to fade, and instead, more education around them has been communicated. Even magazines are featuring dolls on the front cover to normalise them in a non-judgemental way.

How do the media source their information

Other forms of content like blogs have been created to inform and educate as well as tell stories of those who use these dolls for all types of pleasure. Social media pages are also featuring a lot more content around sex dolls and sex robots.

The media often use these sources as the basis for their own stories as research but also to source people to help with the content around the story.

Platforms such as video games and movies are featuring a lot more connotation towards sex dolls, and they even are used as inspiration to create the look for some dolls.

Final thoughts

The representation of sex dolls in media has come a long way in the last 10 years. As we continue to develop and gain an open mind in society, it will change again for the better.

It will become a more discussed topic, which will create more positive energy around not only the dolls themselves but those who use these dolls.

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