Sex Toy or Sex Doll: Which Should You Choose?  
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Sex Toy or Sex Doll: Which Should You Choose?

Sex Toy or Sex Doll: Which Should You Choose?

It is natural for humans to constantly seek sexual fulfilment. If they don’t find it in one person, they seek out more people or other methods. Technology has opened us to a more exciting method. This method is divided into two categories: sex toys and sex dolls.

You may be wondering whether to do for a sex toy or sex doll. Both of them have their pros, which we will identify here to help you decide better.

Why Sex Toys?

Whether you want to enhance your solo and partnered experiences, sex toys can be great. However, do you know that sex toys cover a fairly broad category of objects used for sexual fulfilment? Sex toys include pocket pussies, butt plugs, dildos, blow job machines, vibrating eggs, and many more. So what are the pros and cons?


  • Sex toys are more budget-friendly
  • There are a variety of them
  • They are usually fairly discreet
  • There is a toy for every kind of sex you can imagine
  • They are appropriate for every gender


  • They are not as realistic as sex dolls.
  • They seem to have limited options
  • There is usually a lack of intimacy
  • Quite a number of them end up in a landfill sooner than later

Generally, while you can enjoy a great orgasm with sex toys, they are fairly basic devices, and hardly stir up exciting sexual experiences.

Why Sex Dolls?

When it comes to maximum sexual satisfaction, sex dolls can give you an exciting experience. They help you to have a real sexual experience. Nevertheless, what are the pros and cons of sex dolls


  • They enable strong intimacy
  • You can get true companionship from them
  • There is the option of unlimited positions and flexibility
  • They are very realistic
  • They can be easily repaired
  • They last longer


  • They can be pretty expensive
  • They are not usually discreet

So which should you go for?

Well, sex toys are good, but sex dolls are better. So you know which to go for now. However, if you think you are not ready to own a full-size sex doll, you can get accessories such as breasts, torsos, vaginas, and other realistic body parts. These parts are great for masturbation as you give yourself the feeling of a real experience.

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