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Male Sex Dolls

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Male Sex Dolls

Popularity of Male Sex Dolls

The growing demand for male sex dolls around the world has been on the increase from 2016 when male sex dolls were introduced into the global market. The need to experiment with male sex dolls is not gender-driven but mere pleasure-seeking. While the female counterpart has been in existence for some time now, the prevalence of male sex dolls has been necessitated by the need to accommodate not only the female gender but the gay and transgender community as well. With the introduction of male sex dolls into the market, more and more people are beginning to take advantage of it to improve their sexual pleasures.

Male sex dolls are a follow up to their earlier female versions to cater for the growing demand for masculine-featured sex dolls. There are a variety of reasons to turn to male sex dolls. The male sex dolls are designed in a manner to provide its owners with a variety of sexual pleasures. They can as well be kept as friends. They will not stress you with nagging, neither are they built to ask for snacks in the middle of the night like normal men. This makes them ideal human partners. Although, with the manufacturing material being silicone; the same for the female sex dolls.  They are also equipped with high-end skeletons, including flexible but strong joints.

Why Male sex dolls are awesome!

The first factor that makes male dolls appealing is their handsomeness and strong appearance that gives the perception of endurance. Consumers may choose to spend long periods with it.  And you are sure of having a sexual partner that will never say no to your desires nor get tired of sexual engagements. So you can get your sexual pleasures as much as you want.

To make it more appealing, the male sex doll is designed to have a hard body carved out like real masculine bodies. They are amazing because they offer ethereal functionalities. You only have to worry about the fact that you know it is not a real human figure. Their near-perfect bodies are equipped with strong pectoral muscles with well-developed abdominal muscles. To cap it all, male sex dolls are fitted with bionic penises that manufacturers like Realbotix claim give more feeling than a vibrator. 

Furthermore, there are male sex dolls that are packed with artificial intelligence to ensure that you can customize their personality to suit your preferences. This means you can tweak it to respond depending on how you want it to. This is made possible with mobile apps that you can pair with the robotic head to simulate liveliness.

The male sex dolls also come in customized options, allowing the consumer to choose certain characteristics such as hair colour, eye color as well as posture stance. You may also choose the height, penis size as well as feet type at very affordable prices. The dispositions of male sex dolls are diverse as it is developed to accept both anal and oral sex. So it works perfectly well for individuals with divergent sexual preferences.

Concerns about Male Sex Dolls

As good as male sex dolls may seem, they also have their inherent flaws which you might need to consider. One major concern is that male dolls are designed to look exactly like a fully grown man. They are built to be as real as possible, meaning that they are built to have more than 50 kg of body weight. This makes them quite difficult to move around, especially for the female folks. Also, the majority of male sex doll owners often find it challenging to practice different sex positions with their sex toys. This is because male sex toys are built to be stationary. The only means of engaging them is to straddle them. However, male sex toy manufacturing companies continue to improve their products, as some male sex dolls now have a replaceable penis to suit the owner's preference.

What to consider when purchasing a male sex doll

Male sex dolls come in various materials. Bearing this in mind, you should endeavor to ascertain the reliability and safety of such before buying. The recommended materials are silicone or TPE which are known to be non-hypoallergenic and free of phthalate compounds. The above-recommended materials may differ in components but they offer excellent choices as material component for male sex dolls. While Silicone is relatively more expensive and is regarded as more qualitative material for male sex dolls, TPE offers relative affordability and realism as it offers e livelier sensation. However, TPE stains easier, and it retains moisture. This means after washing, you have to wait for it to dry out before using again.

Design and Modification

When selecting male sex dolls, you should make sure to go for the models with slightly smaller sizes which still retaining the 6-inch penis. This will ensure that the size of the male sex doll doe s not in any way limit your enjoyment or companionship. More so, storing bigger male sex dolls is more challenging, especially for people who want to be discreet about their sexual preferences. It is equally important that you go for male sex doll models that offer varying customizable options. This may mean you will be spending a little more but it equally affords you the opportunity of experiencing more satisfaction and fun.


The flexibility of male sex dolls is important for consumers to have practical near-live experiences. TPE fabrics and silicone may offer a soft body but without moving joints that are aided by steel skeletons, male sex dolls would not offer the requisite flexibility for varying sex positions without the need to put too much strain on the doll.

Other factors to consider may include price, durability and care. However, your choice of a male sex doll should not stop you from ensuring that you clean it after use, insect it regularly for any noticeable damages and also make sure you use high-quality lube to reduce friction and pressure.

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