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How to Have Amazing Time with Your Sex Doll

How to Have Amazing Time with Your Sex Doll

Are you a proud owner of any of our sex dolls? Congratulations, you have made a great investment for a lifetime of mind-blowing pleasure. To help you have an exciting time with your doll, we are offering you some great tips. Check them out below.

Create the Perfect Outlook

Do you have an intense sexual fantasy? Would you like to achieve that fantasy? Do you know you can do it with your sex doll? It is possible that you can visualize the kind of person you want to be with in your fantasy. You can easily turn your sex doll into this kind of person by buying some new outfits and dressing you’re the doll the way you pictured the person. Enjoy the role and make sure you look the way you want too as you are also a part of the fantasy.

Get some Great Hair and Makeup for your doll

We always find good-looking people attractive. Therefore, you should ensure your doll looks good. Keep your doll’s hair clean and well-kept. Wash, brush and oil or mist with something that smells nice. Try a new hairstyle. Add some makeup to the look. Let your doll look as sexy as you want.

Romance Your Doll

Manufacturers of sex doll put in so much effort to ensure the dolls look like a real person. Therefore, it is a great idea to treat your doll as a real person. This means you should treat your doll the way you will treat a woman during sex. There should be some romance. Kiss your doll. Fondle the breasts. Hold her and give her massage. Eat her pussy. Enjoy the foreplay with your doll. After sex, clean her properly and clean yourself too.

Try a Warming Routine

You may find your doll to be cold on your first touch. However, that is not a problem as it is pretty easy to warm your doll. You may simply bathe your doll with warm water. Both silicon and TPE warm up this way. Also, you can get an electronic warmer for your doll, and you are good to go with a wonderful, warm sexual experience.

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