Enjoy a Sex Doll during Social Distancing  
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Enjoy a Sex Doll during Social Distancing

Enjoy a Sex Doll during Social Distancing

Although this lockdown period is a challenging one for everyone, you can still have a great time in self-isolation. In fact, this period is a great time for more self-pleasure. There are currently more people spending time on Pornhub and bringing out their sex toys out of the closets. This means that as a sex doll owner, nothing stops you from constant self-pleasure. You don’t need to maintain a safe, six-feet distance from your sex doll as there is no concern for product-to-human transmission.

To help you have a more exciting time, here are some tips on what to do as a sex doll owner.

Attempt Some Sex Doll Maintenance

Are you looking for more things to do while at home alone?  Try doing some sex doll maintenance. Remember that your doll is full of moving parts. So you can do a check-up on it to ensure all of her joints are moving just like they should be. During this maintenance, check out for any cracks or stains. Also, note what you need to fix or replace. This is also a great opportunity for the deep cleaning of your doll. Bath her and wash every part of her body. Make her shine for you.

Explore Wild Sex Positions

Don’t just sit on your bed or couch to masturbate while watching porn. Be more creative with your sex doll. Use that porn time to be creative with your sex doll. Don’t just be a spectator. Get some inspiration of the scenes and try to recreate these scenes. You will likely have a great time doing this than just masturbating to porn.

Try More Sex Toys

Variety is the spice of life. It can make your sex life to be more exciting. If you have more than one sex toy, this is a great time to try all of them and have a great time. However, if you have only one, you should order for more from our store. Yes, this is the best time to order for more companion as you have the time for all of them. You deserve the best hedonistic pleasure. So try a variety of sex toys and enjoy yourself.

Come up with an Ultimate Fantasy

Previously, you were likely to be busy with everyday struggle and have been unable to have a creative and fulfilling sex life. With this lockdown, you have as much time as you want. Therefore, try to sit and create an amazing sexual fantasy. Ensure you are as creative and crazy as possible. You may even create characters and put together costumes to make everything more realistic. When you are done creating your fantasy, get your sex doll and make it happen. You may even video it to capture this epic moment of your life.

Educate yourself more on Sex Dolls

Do you think you know enough on sex dolls? It will be interesting to find out that there is a rich and interesting history behind sex and so many things to learn. To help you effectively use and care for your doll, you need to educate yourself more on sex dolls. Our blog is designed to help you learn more in this regard.

Binge on Sex Doll Movies

Imagine watching a movie about sex dolls with your sex doll beside you? This is simply amazing. So check out Netflix for a sex doll movie such as Lars and the Real Girl. Just ensure you have a great time this period.

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