Gynoid Tech Vs. Real Doll | Sex Doll Customer Review  
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Gynoid Tech Vs. Real Doll | Doll Comparison

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Gynoid Tech Vs. Real Doll | Doll Comparison

Written by Peter B. | Queensland, Australia

Laura: Model 11 - 162 cm. Manufactured by Gynoid Tech sold by CassiusSexDolls

MichelleBody Type A - 160 cm. Manufactured and sold by RealDoll USA | Abyss Creations

Both of these are high-quality silicone dolls

Value for money - Clearly the Laura doll is in front as the Michelle doll costs exactly 2 ½ times the price of the Laura doll delivered making the Michelle doll very close to $20,000 Australian.

Delivery time from order and service

Michelle silicone doll took seven months from order to delivery but would easily have taken 12 months if I had not continually chased them for my order. At one time they had no recollection of my order after six months had passed. Service was very poor and it was difficult to get return emails. Once you paid them they did not appear to want to know you. Keep in mind here there was no Covid-19 pandemic at this time.

Laura silicone doll took many months also for delivery although Cassius had a legitimate reason for such a long delay but in the beginning they too were difficult to get a reply email however at the end they appeared to get their act together having sorted the virus delay problems.

Quality of product | comparison

Michelle arrived in a massive wooden crate bolted at the back of the neck into the box. After removal, the back of the head fell off onto the ground. It was held on with two dobbs of silicone, which had let go in transit. The head looked very agricultural as none of the edges lined up with anything, very poorly made plus the head does not turn left or right more than about ten degrees. I had to re-glue the head back on. After further examination I noted I could not rotate the right arm so I contacted RealDoll.

They told me to bolt the doll back in the box and force the wrist left and right to loosen it. It took all my strength to move it and I was terrified I would snap the arm off. As the doll was fresh out of the box and unused I offered to return it but they weren’t having any part of it saying the arm would be okay, but it was not okay and after a short time completely seized up. Months and months and months later after many emails they sent me a replacement elbow joint, which I had to fit myself, to cut a long story short the arm looks like crap now but at least it works.

michelle real doll silicone

Laura arrived in a cardboard carton which was severely knocked about, both ends having being crushed, clearly the doll had been stood on end in transit in many locations but surprisingly when I opened the box fearing the worst there was not a mark on her. After a full examination of Laura I found her to be perfect in every way, all her motor functions were as per her specifications and nothing fell off when I took her out of the box plus when the head was fitted it moves like a normal person’s head in every way.

gynoid laura model 11 silicone sex doll

Doll design and appeal

Make no mistake, both of these dolls are exceptionally beautiful and there are pros and cons for both. Michelle is considerably more heavyset, a typical European body style as opposed to Laura, which is a slightly lighter frame looking typical Oriental body shape. The Michelle doll has a loose skeleton, non-standing body, which is more suited for action in the sack as opposed to Laura which has a normal skeleton made for standing and posing.

The Americans clearly have it over the Chinese when it comes to the vagina, the Michelle doll is far more sophisticated and robust in this area better suited for heavy action whereas the Chinese doll although quite beautiful in this area looks very delicate and I do not think it will handle the task as well over time having seen this delicate shape on previous dolls. The breasts on both dolls are quite extraordinary however the Chinese doll wins here for realistic feel as the American doll is very firm and the breasts are to perfectly round looking a little bit fake.

The Americans have also gone all out on the face claiming it can do oral sex with a movable jaw and internal tongue fitted however I found this to be unrealistic as when I put my finger in her mouth which was quite a struggle, her lips tore on both sides so I refrained from doing that anymore. Both dolls have beautiful hands and feet very nicely finished but the Chinese doll kills the Americans with the proper knuckle jointed design, which is far more realistic.

The American hands are quite robust but the fingernails were only painted and all peeled off after a few months but that situation was easily rectified by gluing on proper nails which makes her hands look normal once more. The skin colour on the USA doll is far more realistic as they have incorporated veins underneath the skin plus dark and light shading on the hands and feet. 


Bang for your buck, the Chinese doll is way out in front, to me, the USA doll is a bit of a rip-off with bad service whereas when I spoke with the Chinese manufacturers they could not be more helpful. Quality control, the Chinese again are way out in front, their product flawless. Buying a doll should be a pleasurable experience, you don’t need to be treated like shit by someone who is only in it for the money, I would not take the crap from the US again considering what I got for my money although having said that I still do like their doll.

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