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Gynoid Tech Latest NEWS!

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Gynoid Tech Latest NEWS!

Gynoid Tech Premium Silicone Sex Dolls - Important Updates

On June 17, 2021, Gynoid Tech discontinued the Model 5, this means Callies and Yui are no longer available.

Models 6 and 7’s “detachable arms” feature. Model 5 was first released in 2018, and featured a 160cm D Cup body with detachable arms. Paired with Yui Shinohara and Misato Shinohara heads, it was one of Gynoid’s first innovative dolls. This body was officially discontinued on Thursday, and will no longer be sold or produced. Model 6 and 7 which also had detachable arms, will still be produced but will no longer have the “detachable arms” feature. According to Gynoid Tech, the “detachable arms” feature became history (permanently removed).

Although the “detachable arms” feature was one of Gynoid’s original innovations, it probably wasn’t very popular. People bought Gynoid dolls for the for hyperrealism, not for detachable arms. The detachable arms were actually strange features that hindered photography because the arm seemliness had to be covered up. Although it’s a shame the Model 5 body was also discontinued in the process, the Model 6 is essentially the same body with a slightly larger bust. Model 5 was most likely cancelled due to lower sales compared to Model 6.

The doll community is much more excited for a new release of Ada Model 14. We are predicting she will be very popular and may even rival Elina’s reputation. The red bunny costume and Asuka Langley Soryu-inspired wig may have given her the edge to even surpass Elina.

Now we can only wait and see what innovative features Gynoid will come out with next.

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