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Covid-19 and Impact on Sex Dolls

Covid-19 and Impact on Sex Dolls

With the overwhelming increase in the number of infected cases daily, the Covid-19 is one of the deadliest viruses in the world. To curb its tides, government across the world have imposed a lockdown, which has a massive effect on daily life. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic is creating massive panic across various industries. However, while many businesses are at the verge of collapse, there are certain businesses (streaming platforms like Netflix and the likes) that leverage on the lockdown to thrive. The focus of this article is on how Covid-19 affects the sex doll industry. Is the sex doll industry crashing? Or is it thriving?

The Major Concern

One of the reasons several people are worried about the sex doll industry is the fact that most of these dolls are from China. There may be some bias towards products from China. This is because the region is attributed to be the origin of the virus. However, there is usually a process of sterilization for the manufactured dolls, which will surely kill any virus on the surface of any doll.

In addition, according to experts, there seems to be no product-to-human viral transmission. Nevertheless, if you are extremely worried, you can decide to disinfect the surface of your acquired doll before use. Doing this kills any virus on it and keeps you safe. This means that you don’t have to be bothered about how safe a sex doll is for you to acquire one and have an active, fun sex life during this lockdown period.

Thriving or Not?

Covid-19, in a sense, provides an opportunity for the sex doll industry to thrive. Therefore, it has a huge positive effect on the industry. According to a report by The Star, there is a surge in the sales of sex dolls. A number of people may become sexually frustrated during this period as they are afraid of contracting the virus through making contact with an infected person. However, you can make staying indoors fun and safe for you by acquiring a sex doll.

In addition, with people trapped in various part of the world, especially under strict lockdown, some people have turned to sex dolls for sexual pleasure. A report shows that in March this year, sex toy revenue in France, Italy, and Spain have outpaced projected goals by 94%, 124%, and 300% respectively. This means that more people are acquiring sex dolls, and more revenue is pumped into the market. This is a positive growth for the industry.

In Conclusion

Without any doubt, this period is a great time to boost the sex doll industry as the dolls can act as a great companion to several people during this period of social distance. There is no fear of you contracting the virus from a doll. This means the dolls are safe to use and will help you have a sexually active life with no fear of infection. With the increase in demand for sex dolls, there is growth in the sex dolls industry. Therefore, the impact of Covid-19 is not detrimental but beneficial.

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    With the effect of Covid 19 on Staff Shortages around the world, can you give an Honest answer on how this is affecting delivery times of NON Stock Dolls to Regional Queensland. I live in the Post Code area 4850 of North Queensland.

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