Body Parts of Sex Dolls Australia  
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Body Parts of Sex Dolls Australia

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Body Parts of Sex Dolls Australia

Everybody has different tastes and preferences when it comes to what they like and what floats their boat. That is exactly why there needs to be a customisable option when it comes to ordering your sex dolls in Australia. If you are in the market for a wide range of sex dolls in Australia, then at Cassius Sex Dolls we will be able to have just the right doll with all the right parts to suit you. With our sex doll heads, you will be able to find the right doll for you, with even being able to choose the skin tone and hairstyle. The best thing about offering different body parts is that if you are not wanting to invest in a whole doll these parts are available separately. This means if you are looking for something bendable and easy to store, purchasing an Irontech torso/legs doll gives you that option. Focusing on providing a stunning ass and vagina design, they are lightweight and bendable so they are able to be used in a range of positions. If it is just simple you are looking for, there are even dildo’s on offer. Realistic and made to work with the contours of your body, these dildos are perfect for those looking to mimic the sensations of the real thing. That is why if you are looking for realistic sex dolls in Australia to suit what you prefer, Cassius Sex Dolls have you covered.

Choosing a Sex Doll

If you are looking to make the investment into purchasing a sex doll, then it is important to really put some thought in and do your research. There is such a wide range of available sex dolls in Australia, that not taking the time is really doing yourself the disservice. When it comes to something like this though, it can be a little daunting taking the steps and figuring out what you need to know. First things first, you need to have an idea of your budget. Ideally, you should be willing to at least drop at least $1500+ as what you get what you pay for but there are a few different options out there if you are just dipping your toe in or cannot spend too big. If budget is not a huge concern for you though, then you will have a wider range available to you. The next thing you need to consider is your preferences. From the look of your dollto the type of material they are made of and just how you will use them. This is something that only you can decide so think about what exactly you want from your doll before you invest. One thing that many people do not think about is storage. Not everybody is able to leave their doll out in the open so if you need to be able to store the doll, then getting a doll that can be pulled apart and pack away will be something to consider. Once you know what you want and need, finding a quality place to purchase your sex doll is the final step! Cassius Sex Dolls has one of the widest ranges of sex dolls in Australia, with worldwide shipping available so check out the online store or give us a call to let us find the right doll for you.

How to Choose Your First Sex Toy

Realistically, shopping for sex dolls in Australia is a big step when it comes to the range of sex toys out thereso if you are not ready to take the plunge into the world of sex dolls or are just looking to dip your toe in, then knowing what is out there in the range of sex toys will help you decide what to pick. For those new to the realm of sex toys, it can be a little overwhelming. With a range of toys, styles and sizes, beginners can feel mighty lost! Before you put any toy in your cart, knowing what you want from your toy is important. Are you looking for stimulation? Penetration? Something large or something sleek? It is really about what you are comfortable with. Since you are most likely using the toy on intimate parts, the material the toy is made out of is super important, especially if you are sensitive or have any allergies. If you are choosing a more porous material, then having a good cleaning regime is important so choosing materials that are easy to clean and not very porous are best to keep you healthy. Ultimately though, it is all about what you feel comfortable with, you can always upgrade later. Whether you are buying a small bullet vibrator or looking for the best range of sex dolls in Australia, preference is key!


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