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Barbara Bieber, Daisy Lee, Florane Russell, Lady Dee, Nathaly Cherie, sex dolls pornstars from czech republic, Vinna Reed -

Cassius Sex Dolls is extremely proud to have partnered with CZECH DOLL

This company has a strong history in the industry dating back to 2012, when they first became the first seller of branded sex dolls in the Czech Republic.

Since then, they gained experience over time and decided to take another step and establish their own brand by creating the only love doll manufacturer that cooperates with Czech porn actresses.

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lay-by your sex doll, sex dolls payment plans -

As ongoing commitment and devotion to our customers, we wants everyone’s needs fulfilled and we would hate to hear that your circumstances, budget or financial situation impede on this. In the sex dolls Australia market we understand the purchase of one of our dolls can be a big upfront financial commitment. As a result we have partnered up with an awesome company. is securely powered by Stripe and allow you to seamlessly purchase our products that you desire by arranging three monthly instalments. With our flexible payment option we’ve considered the affordability side of things so our calculator works with you to...

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How to clean a sex doll, How to clean a sex doll after use -

Cleaning your sex doll is necessary. It is true that proper care of your sex doll will extend her lifespan for many years, and keep her fresh, clean and sexy.  However, do you really know how to properly clean your sex doll?

You need the right tools to clean your sex doll properly. So what are these tools? Continue reading to find out. However, please note that the focus of this article is on cleaning the Vaginal, Anal, and Oral areas of your sex doll. 

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Sex Doll Breast Options – Gel, Hollow, or Standard? Choosing the ideal sex doll to buy can be challenging and stressful. Cassius Sex Dolls offers over 200 dolls for you to choose the kind of doll you want. Once you find the right doll for you, you can opt for different customisation and upgrade options.  This article is designed to help you make an informed decision regarding the type of breasts you want for your sex doll.  There are 3 options open to you for sex doll breast type:  Gel breasts Hollow breasts Standard breasts Each of these breast types is...

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Male Sex Dolls -

Popularity of Male Sex Dolls The growing demand for male sex dolls around the world has been on the increase from 2016 when male sex dolls were introduced into the global market. The need to experiment with male sex dolls is not gender-driven but mere pleasure-seeking. While the female counterpart has been in existence for some time now, the prevalence of male sex dolls has been necessitated by the need to accommodate not only the female gender but the gay and transgender community as well. With the introduction of male sex dolls into the market, more and more people are...

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